Winter: Level


Level S.p.A. is an Italian firm based in Sondrio, a charming Alpine town near the border with Switzerland.

The company originally set out to create a new segment in the glove market: a snowboard glove specially designed to meet snowboarders’ specific needs. Level's innovative approach and its applied research gave rise to the Biomex protection system, developed in close collaboration with the expertise of doctors at the Gut clinic of St. Moritz, thus establishing the brand as a mark of safety and protection in the snowboard glove sector.

The multiuse snowboard/ski/mountaineering concept was introduced in 2001 at the presentation of the Ski New Trend Collection of gloves with a decorated palm.

2002 saw the introduction of the new, in-glove Kirax integrated reflex stimulator system.

The year 2004 saw the launch of Overgloves, a range of innovative overgloves to keep hands warm in low temperatures; ideal for women skiers and for athletes waiting their turn during competitions.

Level continue to innovate, searching for the ultimate in hand protection using the latest fabrics and technology combined with research.